Walk tall naturally with purpose

Day 4 Sun 8 July


“Today it was the long walk. Peter set us a circuit of up and down. My poles kept going down holes but I learned to avoid them in the next two laps. On the way back our family was imagining our camping trip all Nordic walking together. And that was the end of the course!


“The kite festival was on, so we saw lots of big kites and balloons. We practised up our and down hill techniques with the rubber paws off our poles. There was a sudden shower which caused me to stop and put my coat on. Because coat was quite big it annoyed when I was trying to do the downhill part but it wasn’t too bad. When we got back to the usual place, Peter said I had done it the best I had on the whole course. I find it hard to believe we’ve completed the basic course!”


“Straight into it after the warm-up and in the first few minutes I’m a bit stiff. Soon  enough though I’m going well. It’s great doing it as a family and seeing the kids Nordic walking like they’ve always done it ! We arrange to hire the poles. With more practice we shouldn’t look too out of place as proper Nordic walkers!”


“I really felt I was getting to grips with he technique, able to push into the poles. I had a real work-out. We’ll get back in touch with Peter when we’re ready to go to the next level.”

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