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Regular Instructed Group Nordic Walks … book now !

The next series of instructed group Nordic walks in Brighton & Hove has begun for competent Nordic walkers wanting to exercise on a regular basis at the Health or Fitness levels of Nordic walking technique.

If pre-paying, the price for four walks is £36.00 per person and there is a six week time period during which the four walks have to be participated in, i.e. an extra fortnight within which they could take place.

To join a one-off walk, the price is £10 per person. Booking a place can be done by email or text.

The walks will run from 1.30 to 3pm on Tuesday afternoons in Stanmer Park. The time period for taking part in this block of four walks is from 21 August to 9 October (i.e. skipping 25 September).

Terms & Conditions

  • payment is non-refundable should a participant miss a session having paid in advance
  • if a session is cancelled due to adverse weather conditions a replacement session will be run at the end of that block of walks for those who pay in advance
  • payment is non-refundable if a session is cancelled due to instructor absence in exceptional circumstances, including ill-health etc.
  • dates and locations of walks will be posted as a ‘Latest News’ item on this website as well as confirmed in advance by email to pre-paying participants
  • poles are available to hire at no extra charge, if requested in advance.

To make an enquiry, click on Nordic Walking for Health to send an email or text/phone 07813 524587.

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