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Coronavirus guidance when Nordic walking

With the coronavirus/covid-19 situation evolving day to day in the UK, we ask that our clients keep in touch with NHS and government guidance on how to prevent passing on, or getting, the virus. So, for the time being, please follow these guidelines:

  • Effective handwashing, or use of 60% alcohol hand gel/sanitiser, on a regular basis throughout the day, especially after being in crowded or busy public places, where you are in close contact with people for more than 15 minutes and/or where your hands are touching shared hard surfaces, e.g. on buses. This is easy to do, if remembered, so a good idea to do, in particular, on returning home.
  • If you are experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms on the day of a Nordic walking session you’re intending to take part in, we ask that you do not turn up for the benefit of the protection of others.
  • At the end of a Nordic walking session, during which you’ve used a pair of our rather than your own poles, we recommend you wash your hands, as we’re unable to clean this equipment in between sessions run on the same day. The relevance of this particularly relates to the outdoor hazard of the drippy nose when Nordic walking in cold weather. Close enough contact with others for more than 15 minutes tends to be rare during our Nordic walking sessions and we will be managing this more closely from now on.
  • If you sneeze, or cough, during a session, make sure you do so into your elbow crease, as this is quicker than getting a tissue out, and will protect the people around you … just in case !

Full official information is at government guidance on social distancing

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