Walk tall naturally with purpose

Day 3 Sat 7 July


“Today we were the only ones there which was great because we could crack on with what we needed to do ! Peter introduced us to a new warm-up, one from the so-called Ministry of Funny Walks ! After that, the fun started. We went over to the hill next to the kites at the festival. First of all, uphill. The, downhill. He did a little demonstration … and it looked so funny ! The whole family was laughing. We walked down the hill using the same method (and I dread to think what it was like from behind !). We changed our final Sunday session so we could watch Murray v Federer in the final and went home.”


“We returned to getting the poles to grip again counting how many times it didn’t happen. I got really good scores: 1 then 0 ! We crossed the road to go up the slope. My poles sort of pushed me up the hill.”


“Peter demonstrates up and down hill – quite different but pretty intuitive, so we’re soon getting the hang of it. Can’t wait to get practising more – especially as Peter shows us some of the more advanced stuff that later sessions cover !”

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