Walk tall naturally with purpose

Walk your way to keeping fit & healthy during the pandemic !

The health and wellbeing benefits of brisk walking have a well-deserved profile in the public domain these days.

Come and learn how to walk taller more naturally with the definite purpose in mind of getting good exercise for the whole body, including the mind and the brain. Try a taster session when your normal walking can be assessed and improvements highlighted. You can then follow this up with one or more tailored sessions for you whether for walking unaided, with trekking poles or Nordic walking.

As it now looks like stricter public health measures will affect more of us for a longer period than we’ve so far been used to, all during the winter months when it’s even better to get time outside in daylight, it’s helpful to know that brisk walking in nature is good for our mental health and can deepen our social connection with the companion measures allow us to be with outside: walking enables us to talk personally at a deeper level, clear the mind and let the conversation flow.

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