Walk tall naturally with purpose

New Year Course – Eastbourne/Seaford

Whilst this beginner course in the Eastbourne/Seaford area is fully booked, it is likely to be postponed due to Sussex entering Tier 4 regulations on Boxing Day.

Two day course

Saturday 9 January
Session 1 – 10.30am to 12midday
Session 2 – 12.30 to 2pm

Saturday 16 January
Session 3 - 10.30am to 12midday
Session 4 – 12.30 to 2pm.

Prices are from £49 per person, i.e. £12.25 a session, for a fully booked course with five participants and then pro-rata for fewer participants. Poles are provided and included in the price.

Successfully completing a beginner course enables a person to Nordic walk at the foundation level of technique. More information about the different levels of Nordic walking technique is at courses

Please note:
- beginner courses to reach the ’green traffic light’ foundation level of Nordic walking technique consist of four 1.25 or 1.5 hour sessions, depending on the number of course participants, all of which should be completed
- dates can be rolled forward if more bookings are required to make a course viable to run
- extra dates are usually set in case a session is postponed due to the weather and/or if participants extend their course to learn the higher Health and/or Fitness levels of technique beyond foundation
- applicants need to be ‘walking-fit’ to get a place (a ‘readiness to participate’ questionnaire must be completed beforehand)
- full course payment is required by BACS before the first session and is non-refundable.

To make an enquiry, click on Nordic Walking for Health to send an email or text/phone 07813 524587. Let us know your availability for both versions of the course as this will help us juggle possible options.

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