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Happy New Year ! Nordic walking in 2020 …

Happy New Year and all the best for a fitter and healthier 2020 !

On weekdays and at weekends throughout this year, in particular for people seeking health and wellbeing benefits, Nordic Walking for Health will continue to offer:

  • Taster-Sessions Nordic walking is much more effective than both natural walking and walking with trekking poles, as it simultaneously gives the body aerobic (heart & lung) and resistance (muscular strength) exercise. By improving your normal walking to make it more natural combined with learning how to propel the body forward using specialist (not trekking) poles, Nordic walking recruits more muscles throughout the body to make the movement happen. With good technique, this makes Nordic walking much better than most other forms of physical activity at exercising the whole body. Come and have a taste … poles are provided
  • Beginner-Courses for small groups and for individuals at different levels of ability, mobility and fitness, including tailor-made instruction
  • Further-Course-Sessions to move on from the foundation level of Nordic walking technique to the higher Health and Fitness levels
  • Regular Instructed-Nordic-Walks for better exercise
  • Refresher-Sessions to brush up on technique and Re-starter Sessions to get back into Nordic walking again
  • Poles and their fittings for sale/hire
  • Gift-Vouchers for sale for one-on-one taster sessions (scroll down to bottom of page).

New for this year, Nordic Walking for Health is introducing:

(A) Nordic walking on social prescription initially in the Brighton & Hove area.
To register your interest, simply reply to this email.

(B) ‘Walk Better for You !’ Sessions
Much more is known now about the health & wellbeing benefits of brisk walking to exercise your mind and body. How well do you walk ? Would you like to get better exercise from walking ? Whether you walk unaided, with a stick or with one or two trekking poles, there are ways to improve how your body moves over the ground by making the movement more natural and have more purpose. Come and find out more about your posture, gait, stride, co-ordination, balance, strength, breathing and more.

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