Walk tall naturally with purpose


Specific poles are required for Nordic walking. These are not simply adapted trekking poles, but tailor-made ones for this particular activity. Nordic Walking for Health sells and hires out good quality poles.

A number of models of Nordic walking poles made by different manufacturers are available on the global market: these vary in quality, price and style.

The appropriate length of pole for you depends on your height. Poles are provided free of charge for taster and course sessions.

In the experience of Nordic Walking for Health, key features to consider when researching poles include: the carbon fibre content and manufacturing process of the shaft (strength, low weight & flexibility); ergonomic design (glove-strap & handle); technical specification (rubber paw & metal tip); nature of product guarantee or warranty; and, value for money.

It is advisable to arrive at the appointed meeting place up to 10 minutes before the publicised start time for a group courss to allow for individual fitting and adjustment of glove-straps.

Pole Hire and Purchase

Many clients doing full courses are telling us how much they appreciate being able to practise in between course sessions. Poles are available for hire.

Nordic Walking for Health does not currently have a policy of officially endorsing particular Nordic Walking products over and above others. A variety of Nordic Walking poles it has tested and trusts are available for purchase, including adjustable ones that particularly suit the regular train and aeroplane traveller.

It costs £10 per pair per fortnight to hire poles and a returnable £50 deposit per pair is required.