Walk tall naturally with purpose

Weight Loss Benefits

Burn more calories to control your weight

As you use your legs, arms, shoulders and chest/back muscles when Nordic walking, up to 90% of the body’s muscles are actively working, if you have developed effective enough technque. On average, you will, therefore, expend 20% more calories than when naturally walking at the same walking speed. Moreover, it can actually feel easier and less tiring Nordic walking than natural walking. This is because, although you are using more muscles and doing more exercise, the effort is spread across the whole body1.

Take the load off your lower limb joints

Nordic walking can be considerably more comfortable than both jogging and natural walking. This may be because of the upper body exercise, better weight distribution and walking gait as well as toning weaker postural muscles2.

Jane enjoys the benefits of Nordic Walking

Since the course my bad back has improved considerably. Enough even to be able to go on a weeks scuba diving holiday in Egypt. Struggling in and out of the water onto inflatable rafts with heavy diving gear is a real test for anyone's spine!

In under three years and by also changing what I eat, I have gone down four sizes in clothing, lost three stone in weight and best of all I’m totally addicted to Nordic Walking!

Having been used to finding it difficult to walk short distances, I’m now regularly Nordic Walking for an hour 3-4 times a week, and loving the weekend walks of sometimes up to 16 miles. I also managed to climb Ditchling Beacon!

So give it a try - you’ve nothing to lose but weight, aches and pains. And, you might just find you gain a whole new love of the outdoors along with energy to do so much more!