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Group Walks

Once you’re proficient with the technique, you will be able to take advantage of regular group Nordic walks.

Some group walks are social and operate independently of Nordic Walking for Health, including Flo & Co, Poles Apart and the Stanmer Striders that walk in the Brighton & Hove and the surrounding area. Some are led by trained volunteers, but with no instruction, e.g. the Nordic Progression Walks and the standard Health Walks provided by the Brighton & Hove Healthwalks Scheme.

Others are led by an instructor, such as the regular Group Nordic Walks on Tuesday afternoons for people at, at least, the Health level of technique, and Refreshers, Re-starters and Old Timer Nordic walks run annually by Nordic Walking for Health during Refresher Season and on request at other times of the year.

It is important to ensure that you select walks to match your level of competence, take responsibility for preparing adequately beforehand and exercising safely when you participate.

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Nordic Healthwalks in Brighton & Hove

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In January 2013, Nordic Walking for Health launched free Nordic Progression Walks through the Brighton & Hove Healthwalks Scheme that also welcomes Nordic walkers on its free, daily Health Walks.

People who have successfully completed an accredited Nordic walking course and possess their own Nordic walking poles are welcome to participate. These courses are discounted by Nordic Walking for Health and do not receive a subsidy from the city council.

Nordic walkers achieving the foundation level of Nordic walking technique can take part in the relatively easy 'green' traffic light level Health Walks that are on offer every day of the week.

Those people who achieve the follow-on Health & Fitness levels can take part in the more demanding 'amber' and 'red' Nordic Progression Walks that are on offer at 1.30pm on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month. They are led by Gill Lewis and fellow healthwalk leaders who all learned to Nordic walk on one of our courses. There also natural progression walks available for such Nordic walkers to join in with.

To date, twenty-eight courses have taken place with 170 participants reaching the foundation level and many then going on to successfully complete Health & Fitness levels.

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Neither the courses nor the regular healthwalks is part of an Exercise on Prescription or a GP Exercise Referral scheme.

Social Nordic Walks - Brighton, Hove and Shoreham-By-Sea

Social Nordic walking groups provide walks without the presence of a trained walk leader or accredited instructor. The first two welcome new members who have successfully completed a Nordic walking course to, at least, the Health, if not the Fitness, level of technique with Nordic Walking for Health or with another accredited Nordic walking instructor.

Flo & Co

The first group to be formed, Flo & Co, started in May 2010 and is NOW OPEN to new members as places have once again become available. The group Nordic walks for about 2 hours covering 3- 5 miles over terrain with varying degrees of difficulty. It is run by Jenny Hayward and currently has 10 active members. Email Jenny to be kept informed of planned walks on Tuesday mornings throughout the year.

Poles Apart

A second social Nordic walking group, Poles Apart, started in April 2013. The group is run by Pippa Merrett and currently has 12 active members. Email Pippa to be kept informed of planned walks every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month with occasional extra seasonal walks. Walks are usually about two hours long at various nearby locations.

The Stanmer Striders

The third group, the Stanmer Striders, was set up in April 2019, is run by Mary Shrewsbury. Email Mary to be kept informed of planned walks every Wednesday morning. These walks - for Nordic walkers at the foundation level of technique - take place in Stanmer Park lasting an hour or so.

Castle Hill Nature Reserve - Woodingdean

If you're interested in joining Peter Stanley, a Flo & Co member living in Woodingdean, on one of his weekly Nordic walks (NOT Tuesday PM or Thursday AM) through the reserve, email Peter Stanley or phone him on 01273 692987.

Eastbourne, Lewes, Seaford & Surrounding areas

Nordic Walking for Health is looking for a new volunteer organiser to relaunch social walks for competent Nordic Walkers ONLY, i.e. people who have successfully completed a course with an accredited Nordic Walking Instructor.

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a volunteer

Ashdown Striders

This new social Nordic walking group had its inaugural walk on 2 August 2015. It is run by a volunteer organiser, who learned to Nordic walk with her son on a Nordic Walking for Health course.

Walks take place on Sunday mornings, twice a month in autumn/winter and once a month in spring/summer (switching to the evening when too hot during the day).

This group aims to provide regular social walks for competent Nordic Walkers, i.e. people who have successfully completed a course with an accredited Nordic Walking Instructor to at least the Health (amber 'traffic light') level, if not the Fitness (red) level of technique. Please note that there will not be an instructor or trained walk leader present on these walks.

Please email Cate if you are interested in joining the group.