Walk tall naturally with purpose

Day 1 Tues 3 July


“Today was our first day on the course … and it was fun ! We started off with all the warm-ups needed to avoid injury and then cracked on with the main course subject, Nordic walking ! Peter gave us tips, hints, challenges and instructions to help us improve. We had to keep our arms loose and relaxed (like King Louis from The Jungle Book). We did our cool down stretches before talking about our next session (can’t wait for that !). The other two adults on our course said they really wanted to do it again. After we’ve done the whole course, we can get our own poles, pick them up  and …WALK FREE !!!”


“I wasn’t very good at swinging to the side that brings my shoulder back … Peter said this was probably to do with something I did in my daily life. I thought the problem was my school bag … he recommended that I changed the shoulder I wore it on or get a rucksack”


“We first gave Nordic walking a go a year or so ago, a one-hour taster session that got us interested in doing more. Even in that session I learned I could walk more easily, efficiently and get fitter as well ! We had been meaning to start a course ever since but somehow life got in the way. So I was really pleased when we had this opportunity. Today’s session was excellent. Really informal, relaxed and surprisingly some of what I’d picked up before came back, By the end of the session I felt I’d cracked the basic technique – even overcoming a bad habit ! Something I do because I do distance running as a hobby – can’t wait for the next session.”


“After months of refraining from exercise due to a back injury, I was looking forward to our course of Nordic walking. We joined Peter, our friendly instructor, on a mild evening in Stanmer Park with swallows dancing round us.  He explains everything clearly and demonstrates the technique well. The kids find the exercises good fun as do I.”

“My daughter has a natural flair for it and walking behind her helped me focus on developing my own ‘swagger’ as she calls it. Having ‘I’m the King of the Swingers’ from The Jungle Book running through my head was an interesting addition as my son tried to walk like ‘the King’.”

“I really felt the benefits of an evening’s exercise in a beautiful setting with the whole family. On the way home I felt noticeably more relaxed having forgotten the cares of the day to focus on my core and that swing !”

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