Walk tall naturally with purpose

Instructed Nordic Walks at the health level – weekly on Thursdays & fortnightly on Saturdays

Three regular instructed Nordic walks for people at the health level of Nordic walking technique are now available:

(i) every Thursday early AM - easygoing pace

(ii) every Thursday late AM - moderate pace.

The price of a Thursday walk will be either £17 or £20 per person depending on whether six or more places are booked across both sessions.

(iii) fortnightly Saturday AMs - moderate pace.

The price of a Saturday walk will be pro-rata from £17 up to a maximum of £22 per person if at least three places are booked.

These instructed Nordic walks are available for people who’ve successfully reached the health level of Nordic walking technique. The sessions will last for 1.5 hours and take place in the Brighton & Hove area.

You will be eligible to take part in these walks if you have reached the health level of Nordic walking technique by successfully completing a four session Nordic walking beginner course and a follow-on Session 5 with Nordic Walking for Health (or a similar course with an accredited instructor). More information about the different levels of technique is at technique

To book a place or make an enquiry, click on Nordic Walking for Health to send an email or text/phone 07813 524587. If you don’t have your own, Nordic walking poles are available for free to hire – just say if you need them !

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