Walk tall naturally with purpose

July 2012 - Nordic Walking For Health

Day 1 Tues 3 July

Hamish “Today was our first day on the course … and it was fun ! We started off with all the warm-ups needed to avoid injury and then cracked on with the main course subject, Nordic walking ! Peter gave us tips, hints, challenges and instructions to help us improve. We had to keep our arms loose and relaxed (like King Louis from The Jungle Book). We did our cool down stretches before talking about our next session (can’t wait for that !). The other two adults on our course Read more »

Day 2 Thurs 5 July

Hamish “We had to work on our problems to improve. We then had to se how many times our poles slipped on the grass over a certain distance. Mine went from 9 to 0 to 6 to 0.” Maisie “We were told about how the poles would grip the ground when you swung your arm without bending your elbow. We had noticed this before and focused on trying to do it properly so that it happened every time. By the end of the session I had pretty much achieved this.” Read more »

Day 3 Sat 7 July

Hamish “Today we were the only ones there which was great because we could crack on with what we needed to do ! Peter introduced us to a new warm-up, one from the so-called Ministry of Funny Walks ! After that, the fun started. We went over to the hill next to the kites at the festival. First of all, uphill. The, downhill. He did a little demonstration … and it looked so funny ! The whole family was laughing. We walked down the hill using the same method (and Read more »

Day 4 Sun 8 July

Hamish “Today it was the long walk. Peter set us a circuit of up and down. My poles kept going down holes but I learned to avoid them in the next two laps. On the way back our family was imagining our camping trip all Nordic walking together. And that was the end of the course! Maisie “The kite festival was on, so we saw lots of big kites and balloons. We practised up our and down hill techniques with the rubber paws off our poles. There was a sudden Read more »